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The following are the slides I am currently using in presentations to Rock & Gem clubs on various aspects of digital photography These slides have additional text added to aid them in standing alone for use on the WEB. I have had several requests to post this information for further review after my presentations. (So here it finally is.) There is some repeat material from my previous section on Digital Photography, but most of this is updated information. Fewer words - more pictures and ...

You will also find several animations that are between 5MB and about 14MB, they are all in QuickTime format so the Quicktime player or equivalent will be needed to view them. (You can obtain a quicktime player for Macintosh or Windows machines from None of the animations are narrated as I do this during the live presentations. I think most are self evident and can be understood without the narration.

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Slide #
Title or Subject
Slide Show with examples of close-up work - emphasis on table top work.
5.4 MB
Fundamental differences in exposure calculation.
Traditional photographic nomenclature - does it all mean the same in digital?
Film resolution - how it is calculated
Really simplified camera
7.6 MB
How the f-stop value is calculated - the true rule of double and halve. f - 1.42421...
5.2 MB
The IRIS as light valve
7.4 MB
Cirlces of confusion I - real world / virtual world
Cirlces of confusion II - define it
Cirlces of confusion III - 1/3 - 2/3 rule
Depth of field example
Photographing flat objects
The ccd cell - an introduction
8.6 MB
The ccd array - the recording media
13.3 & 9.9 MB
The Bayer pattern and color - color is an area function
14.8 MB
File formats - RAW - JPEG - GIF
Focal Plane Shutter - stopping motion - electronic flash limited speed
3 MB
Resolution - the myth in digital photography
   How many pixels are enough? 17 page pdf file on resolution ( =>get pdf<= )
Things to remember - 4 simple truths
Film size vs ccd size - equivalent lenses
13.1 & 5 MB
The infamous Salad Bowl and other tools
It's all done with mirrors, ... and paper, and foil, and other stuff
A gemstone holder
My first light chamber - the bowl revealed
Why use a light chamber
Add a simple light box
Modify the bowl
Metallic results from the bowl
Gemstones and the bowl - minerals and the bowl
A few final results via the bowl
Ott not Ott - when is white actually white and why?
Color Temperature - the chart - The best light bulbs
The color of light - where to get those grayscale cards
Camera white balance is a necessity not a feature
Ultra simple - 3 ways to do "one step color correction"
Jeffry Scovil - master of mineral photography - the book
Simplified Scovil setup
The Scovil results (well a least the type of results)
Ways to hold the best light bulbs
Display stands and more backgrounds
The photo cube - it packs flat and softens light
Bigger is better - the cube again
Some cube results
Supporting gemstones on a larger scale
Supporting cabochons
Not supporting cabochons
White with metallic high-lights - a real pain to light
Floating a mineral sample
Expensive backgrounds done on the cheap
Gemstone - special lighting - improve the sparkle
Connecting a digital camera to a third ocular scope
Microscope camera adapters (from astronomy)
Problems with a Nikon D70 & the microscope
Using mini-TV cameras with a microscope
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