Desktop Closeup Photography - Table Top Equipment 3 © 2007

The light cube has become the standard for desktop photography. Originally moderately expensive. But now due to (who else?) E-Bay, it has become inexpensive and widely available. Typically made of Nylon or another white flexible plastic material.

It comes in a wide variety of sizes and folds down to nearly flat. The 12" cube (shown here) is a bit small except for jewelry, gemstones, thumbnails, and miniature size specimens. It can be a bit crowded to work in.

The 18" or 24" are better and more workable sizes. The 24" size is easier to setup and position things inside, including the occasional light stand itself.

Can get them (let's all say it together ) ... E-Bay

(Watch the shipping costs!) The $0.99 lite-cube with $25 shipping may not be that good of a buy!