One Cell - One Pixel - One Value - NO color! © 2007

A ccd array sensor

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Each ccd cell provides input that equals one pixel of data. The image is created using an ARRAY of ccd cells.

The array makes up the camera sensor and takes the place of the film.

Each cell provides a single representative voltage for the part of the image that strikes it.

The overall size of the array, the number of pixels in the horizontal and vertical directions, determines the total resolution of the array.

The entire image is focused on the ccd array by the lens, and it is a color image, but the ccd cells see only the light intensity and not the color.

Any cell may contain more of the image than one uniform value, and it will then average the value for the entire cell and create a single value for the representative pixel. Edge detail gets better and better with more cells, thus higher resolution arrays provide more image detail.

1024 x 768 = 786, 432 pixels or 0.78 MP

1280 x 1024 = 1,310,720 pixels or 1.3 MP

Most of today's cameras are in the 4 to 8 MP range.

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