Understanding GIF Files & GIF Animation
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GIF General Information

General file format information, and references (links) to more information.
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GIF Format, RLE & Shape Sensitivity

Explains how RLE (Run Length Encoding) works, and what graphic parameters effect it.
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GIF Transparency

Probably the easiest of the GIF properties to place in practice, and how some software provides extensions for transparency.
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GIF and Gradients

How to optimize the use of gradients in a drawing to achieve the smallest GIF file.
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Anti-aliasing is a form of gradient, and will increase the size of GIF files, and it can be detrimental to small text on the WEB.
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GIF and the WEB Palette

What to expect if you force the WEB palette on a continuous tone GIF image.
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GIF and Photographs

Lossless technology? Sure, if you don't count the loss of 16 million colors!
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Really BIG GIF Backgrounds

Popular WEB culture teaches that a
5 megabyte background might be a little large on a WEB page. That's how big this page was when it started!
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Animation: definition, examples, and introduction.
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Animation Optimization

Giving thought to the initial design of an animation can aid in producing compact file sizes. There are also POST process reduction techniques.
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GIF Disposal Methods

The key to getting the results you want, but they only work on certain browsers. Beware potential problems.
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GIF Timing & Looping

Animation speed, pausing for effect, and looping to help drive the viewer crazy.
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GIF Translation Vectors (OFFSETS)

Moving small GIFs over a background can save a lot of memory, and makes some animation really easy. A discussion of "OFFSETS".
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