What am I?
my first Apple ibook
it should go on sale in December in
the Apple bookstore.
100+ items in the same category
as my CloseUp Gallery.

Agates and Jaspers - by ron gibbs
only about 50 copies remain and it
will be sold out. Thanks everyone!


Macworld 2002 Presentation
"3D Animation an Introduction"
This stuffit archive contains
a mini-WEB site with the presentation. (~2.9 MB)


Mineral Gallery
Property data on 172 minerals and 866
photos. Some minerals have photos
from multiple locals.

Gemstone Gallery
Property data of 20+ different gem minerals,
and 150+ photographs of 50+ gemstone
colors and variations.

Gemstone Gallery II
Expanded information and 700+ new photos
greatly expanded info on agates & jaspers
also on synthetics (inlcuding animations!)

CloseUp Gallery
57 closeup images of parts of "things"
try to look at the image and guess
what it might be. (Answers too)

Digital Photography
30 pages and 230+ figures and photos
comparing digital and traditional
photography, and showing
how the close-up photos in this site
have been and are being created.

Digital Photography II
55 new pages with about 10 animations
describing the differences between digital
and traditional photography - and more
information on close-up of jewelry, gems and

Introduction to Faceting
20+ pages on Faceting, historical look,
equipment, laps, rough, terminology,
and an abbreviated step by step guide.

Geology 101 - notes
based on the book The Dynamic Earth
notes on many chapters and topics
(added Nov 2005)

Minerals & Gemstones

A listing of the reference books I use to get
physical property data and historical facts
for the mineral and gemstone pages.

The study of GIF! Many aspects of the GIF file
discussed in detail, including animation!

The mid-Michigan, tri-cities Macintosh Club. Now with its own site!

WEB Master's Page
Philosophy, links, and the usual run of the mill!

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