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mineral data
Mineral Name: spodumene
Gem Names: kunzite
Chemistry: LiAlSi2O6
Class: silicate (inosilicate)
Crystal Sys: monoclinic
Hardness: 6.5 - 7 Specific Gravity: 3.1 - 3.2
Fracture: splintery fracture Refractive Index: 1.66
Dispersion: 0.015
Misc Prop: Kunzite is the pink variety of spodumene, and can be found in very pure colors with good clarity. Kunzite can fade in color over time and exxposure to light or heat. Kunzite is one of the more difficult stones to cut as it has perfect cleavage.

Kunzite remains an affordable stoine as it has not gained high popularity. It cna rival the best pink topaz in color but at far less price. The best kunzite has good pink to lialic color, the clear varieties are not highly desired.

Color: In gemstones, color, is often the key to naming or describing the particular variety. Hence look for this information below in the various descriptions. Color, opacity, and homogeneity often determine the placement of value on any given stone, and are all optical properties of the particular stone.
Specific Data:
2 oval kunzite gems - nice pink color
elongated gems with strong inclusions