Few sites on the Web entice me back more than once or twice, but here are those places I return to on a frequent basis. I think they are outstanding...

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It's with great sadness that we inform you that Robert "Bob" Mannle, the beloved '3DGuy', passed from this world on Easter Sunday, March 27, 2005.

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One of my favorite sites on the Web belongs to Philip Greenspun, the producer of some of the finest photgraphy gracing the Web. Take the time to learn how he does it. His Travels with Samantha is a fine example of a journal in HTML. Sit back and enjoy a visit, but be prepared you may lose an hour or three...

composite microscope image

An original, this Microscopy site has some outstanding images, and some really creative work. Created by, Michael W. Davidson, and hosted by The Florida State University. Be sure to visit his Photo Gallery/Microscapes during your explorations.

Lapidary information, Bob's Rock Shop is a good source for colorful photos of mineral specimens, some for sale (classifieds), some just for display. Check out his link list for a well organized group of additional sites. His site solicits images from fellow collectors and enthusiasts.

Looking for depth and breadth focused on jewelry, gemstones and related topics. A sense of humor prevails, and be sure to see the Hall of Shame for some worldly advice.

The Mineral Gallery is part of a commercial enterprise (Amethyst Galleries Inc.) with numerous images of mineral specimens, and prevelent mineral information. Some really good work in organizing the material by various classifications. Many specimens are for sale, but the information is free.

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