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mineral data
Mineral Name: apatite
Gem Names: apatite
Chemistry: Ca5(PO4)3(F,OH,Cl)
Class: phosphate
Crystal Sys: hexagonal
Hardness: 5 Specific Gravity: 3.16 - 3.23
Fracture: conchoidal Refractive Index: 1.628 - 1.649
Dispersion: 0.013
Misc Prop: Apatite often forms in highly fractured crystals not suitable for gemstone use. It is mined commercially for the fertilizer business. Good crystals tend t the smaller size and large, clean. apatite gems are very rare. It can be found in good abundance in the sizes from 1 ct. down. It can be fluorescent.

The most sought colors for gemstones are the blue to blue-green stones. The most common are the yellow varieties.

Color: In gemstones, color, is often the key to naming or describing the particular variety. Hence look for this information below in the various descriptions. Color, opacity, and homogeneity often determine the placement of value on any given stone, and are all optical properties of the particular stone.
Specific Data:
examples of some light blue stones