Notes on Basic Geology
Notes created & information organization based on the book:
The Dynamic Earth - an introduction to physical geology"
Brian Skinner & Stephen C. Porter   (further book information here)
also look at for additional resource information
Dynamic Earth - Page 7

The Tectonic cycle

The tectonic cycle is concerned with the overall mass movement of rock by the energy supplied from within the earth. The uplift of new material at the mid-ocean ridges and the spreading of the sea floor supply much of the energy and movement. It is concerned with the large processes that push and deform the crust, and also with the processes that drive the plates and what is produced at the plate boundaries.

It is partially responsible for the composition of sea water since it is magmatic uplift into the sea itself.

It creates and does much of the modification of the various major forms on the surface of the earth. (Mountains, folded strata, trenches, ocean basins, continents, islands, etc.) It also supplies the energy for volcanoes, earthquakes, faulting. etc.

The three cycles overlap at various points creating the geological environment that makes up our study. The sun powers the external surface portion with the aid of gravity, and the internal processes run from the heat generated inside the earth.

Hydrogology Cycle is power by the sun

Rock Cycle power by both solar & internal heat

Techtonic Cycle powered by internal heat.