Notes on Basic Geology
Notes created & information organization based on the book:
The Dynamic Earth - an introduction to physical geology"
Brian Skinner & Stephen C. Porter   (further book information here)
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Ground Water - Page 6

Karst Topology
Topology has to do with the "shape of things", and a karst is mixed shape with many high and low spots closely related, usually made up of limestone.

A sinkhole karst maybe an area filled with flat terrain and heavily dotted with sinkholes.

Another type of karst is a cone karst or tower karst where the lime stone that remains is in the form of many pillars or cone shaped hills with sinkholes in between.

A pavement karst is where the joints in the limestone have been more heavily weather than the remainder of the limestone. It produces rises that have roughly the same elevation about 2 or 3 feet higher than the surrounding weathered joints. It can look like lines of roughly parallel sidewalk.

All of the karst have at least one thing in common. They are created in areas where there is high drainage, aided by gravity. It is the rapid pull of the water at the surface that aids in the weathering process.

Karst Topology Karst Topology
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