Further Study and Information

These pages are not intended to be a home study course for faceting. They provide some insight into how a stone is transformed from a mineral to a gem. They provide a little bit of information on gemstone properties and give a look at some of the equipment necessary to make the gemstone transformation. They are not intended to be a replacement for a good hands on class. that being said, here are some more places for further information:

The United States Faceters Guild Web Site!

(1) to promote the art, skill, and teaching of faceting;
(2) to expand the knowledge of natural and laboratory-made crystals;
(3) to develop and promote uniform rules for faceting competitions within the US and among other countries;
(4) to sponsor or assist in managing competitions;
(5) to serve as a national repository and clearing house for faceting designs, published materials, and general information for faceters everywhere.


Did someone say classes?

William Holland Lapidary School


Check Gem and Mineral Federation Home pages for
further places to learn faceting or find a local club.


The Jerry Call School of Faceting


Welcome to the Gemking Daily Digest
"Virtual Faceting Class!"


GIA (Gemological Institute of America) (Books)


IGS (International Gem Society )- Gemology Class


More Information and Products

The Faceters Net Ring


Rockpeddler (rough and equipment)


The Facet Shoppe (rough and equipment)


Gram Faceting (rough and equipment)


Faceting Machines.com (rough and equipment)


A&B Jewels and Tools (rough and equipment)


Kinrsley North (equipment)


So how about some Good Books?

"Faceting for Amateurs", Glenn & Martha Vargas, Published by the authors, Thermal, CA, 1989 ($35)

These books are available form the dealers above.

"Introduction to Meetpoint Faceting" ,Long, Robert H. & Steele, Norman W.P/M Marketing, 1985 ($13.50)

The Right Way to Get Started [in faceting], Graham, Jeff R. 2000 ($19.95) - Gram Faceting

MODERN FACETING, "THE EASY WAY", By Donald Clark CSM , ($26) - IGS